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Default Re: Triple Crown Thread for 2014

Originally Posted by Chris Garrity View Post
Hollywood Park, that beautiful old racetrack, where I spent most of my wayward twenties and where I cut my teeth as a handicapper, has been closed, and, alas, is no more. It would be appropriate, if only in a cosmic sense, if the horse who won the last stakes race ever run at the Track of the Lakes and Flowers goes on to win the Kentucky Derby. For that reason alone I'll be pulling for him.
Living 1/2 of a mile from Delaware Park for the majority of my childhood to young adult made it my home base for the longest time. The racing got cheap there as I aged and then it closed for a few years. Slots and simulcasting brought it back nicely and the racing got good again but they didn't learn. As others near them took on gambling the quality, size of fields, and now the racing days(no Sunday racing this year) has declined to the point that without the slots this beautiful plot of land would be a huge development project.

Maryland fought the gambling thing and even though it was finally approved, it became too late for them to save what is left of Horse Racing in that State. They opted for casinos instead of gambling only at the Race Tracks, 2 huge mistakes. The third huge mistake was allowing too many gambling facilities.

So, my now considered home track is Charlestown. Shippers come in for the bigger races, although the good betting races are few, the odds you can get on horses with a good chance are high a lot of times. If you are a smoker there is still inside areas you can puff away.

Chris, if you can get down my way this summer we have to spend a Saturday night there, the racing is still old time, the setting is new time, the fun level is what it used to be at DP.

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