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Default Re: Triple Crown Thread for 2014

Yes and no. Sometimes inside track is deep and slow, a good jockey will steer horse into the outside path if possible because it is the easier plod. But, it is not always possible to do that in the race.

Yes, more likely to in short races, especially young horses who have no concept of conserving energy. Biggest concern to 5 Furlong (5/8 mile) race may be to get in front early so Post is real important.

No, not usually a big deal in long races because there is more, ample time to find position that fits but, there are situations that this does not ring true.

Each racetrack keeps statistics on winners by post position, it really has no statistical significance until you get outside the 8 post. It basically is an industry standard that post position means nothing until you get outside of the 8. But, the Kentucky Derby is special, can anyone tell me the last "1" post horse to win the Derby!

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