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Default Re: Fishing Reports for the rest of 2018

Rob, that's a Sharpie or is it a Cooper Hawk?

Yesterday I got to the Beach near Seaside and cast until my arm was about useless. 5 shorts to show for it, and I'm happy! ENE wind at 10 to 15, not bad temp. I was comfortable enough with a few layers on and eventually put gloves on.

I was throwing an Ava like metal with an orange tail and had a black / white teaser in place. 3 fish on the metal and 2 on the teaser. I just read on the Dock Outfitter's page that fishing the metal really slow works better. Who knows, I might have caught more fish if I'd been doing that.

In any case, I don't think I'm done yet! .............Cheers all!
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