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Default Re: Cape Hatteras Beach Access Under Attack

George: Links to news or information sources does not violate any rules.

Judge Boyle must be quite a character, originally from New Jersey (bad), family association with arch conservative Jesse Helms, appointed by Reagan, then Bush Sr. Appears to be a conservative until we get to the Environment. Must be a "tree hugger."

In the interim, Boyle has made some rulings that defied his categorization as a hard-line conservative. He pleased environmental organizations this year by halting construction of a Navy jet practice runway near a bird refuge that is the winter home of thousands of Canadian snow geese and tundra swans. Boyle said the Navy had done a flawed study of the project's environmental impact.

"I've been impressed with Judge Boyle's willingness to understand the underlying law in often-complex cases," said Derb Carter, a senior attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center, which represented conservation groups opposed to the project.
Right now it looks like a wait and see position but it doesn't look good. Perhaps the real problem is the National Park Service, life would be easier for them if there was no one on the beaches.
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