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Default Re: Subaru Forester on the beach..?

Originally Posted by Frank N View Post
Just make sure you have the below...

The following eleven (11) items are MANDATORY in order to drive a 4 X 4 on the beach:
  1. Fishing Equipment (rod & reel), Tackle/Bait for each person over the age of 12!
  2. Tire Pressure Gauge capable of registering down to 5 psi or below.
  3. Full size Spare Tire
  4. Workable Jack plus a support board (3/4" x 12" x 12" minimum)
  5. Tow Line - minimum 14 foot long: Rope 3/4", Chain (5/16" diameter links min.) or Snatch Line (1-?" wide) or braided steel cable (1/4" min.)
  6. Shovel (Not a plastic toy beach shovel)
  7. Flashlight
  8. Fire Extinguisher
  9. Auto First Aid Kit
  10. Litter/Trash Bag (Carry In/Carry Out)
And dont get tempted to go on without us...otherwise...

Frank,thanks for the reminder.

Another accessory I may get for the Forester.

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