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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

I was a googan from my first time out on the salt on my own around 21 years of age. Started reading the columnists and seining bait with a friend and casting, but not catching a whole lot. Worst moment was standing on the end of a jetty and putting a 3 os pyramid sinker smack into the back of my friend (thankfully that's all he got and that it hit his back)... he has a scar on his back to this day 28 years later. Funny thing, he never went out on a jetty with me again. Who can figure? Anywho, kids/school/work/life-commitments took me away from the salt except for a few boat trips (upon which I always used the boat's gear and experience) until 2001 when I picked up the sw fly rod and started casting into the suds... using that and spin gear I still consider myself partly a googan.. at least whenever I try something new. When I got back into fishing in 1999 I started fw flyfishing, then went to spinning and occasionally bait fishing for trout first, then moved onto bass/panfish. So I guess I'm doing everything backwards

But this board, your books Frank, and these threads in general in Mr. Smarty's area have been an enormous help in the process of de-googanizing!
-- Rob Switzer
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