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Default Fishing Boothbay Harbor, East Boothbay


I'm heading up to the Boothbay Harbor region to visit family next week and I wanted to bend some ears about fishing.

I've always gone right off the pier at the end of our road, right up at the top of Linnekin Bay (Bayville, if you know it). We catch squid and Macks, but I was curious if anyone knew some shore access spots where we could huck a line and maybe catch something a bit more interesting...we being my son, age six and I (though I'm not adverse to going alone either...).

I was wondering, for instance, if Ocean point or one of the rivers might have some decent spots for jigging in the current or throwing plugs. I don't have access to a motorboat, but I do have a kayak.

Thanks in advance for any and all input folks may have!

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