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Originally Posted by crawdad_flipper View Post
"only once for protection which worked admirably"

Hey Frank

Would love to hear that story

It was the dog thing in 2001. It was right after my heart attack. Cardiologist told me that I had to walk every day. We were walking in a state forest when we were attacked by a pair of loose unsupervised dogs. The big one, over 100 pounds, knocked my wife to the ground and the small one was jumping up at me. I fired a round of .38 Special down the throat of mine but could not shoot at the one who had her as it would have put her at risk. The shot sent both dogs packing the small one, entry wound inside its mouth, screaming. I reported the event to the police and, as is the police protocol, they told the Milford (Mass) Daily. They called my home inquiring about the story. But when they printed it they came down on the side of the dogs. My attorney later told me that I should never have talked to the press. We received a number of harassing phone threats. It was a story for the press that gave them mileage. I had been an "insider" for a Cape fishing publication where I did Cape angling news, features, seminars and angling photography for many years. I was never charged with anything, even supported by the chief of Police but I did lose my writer gig. I did not choose this situation but a lot of people came down on the side of the two dogs. The press did not surprise me but the fishing publication did. If you are ever a victim of the press you will never forget what they did. Always remember that they are in the story business. If someone's dog is more important than your wife they will screw you then move on. What killed my dog attack was the demise of the Twin Towers in NY. They then had something bigger to write about.
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