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Things not being the same is a theme that I use to end many of my books. We age, we evolve, we become victims of our own existance.

Seashore Park rangers scare me because they lack any true understanding of what is going on at the beach they manage. Back then, most were school teachers and I know school teachers. I know that I have said this before but there is more freedom pulling up at a spot that you don't have to air out for than that police state atmosphere of a "managed" beach.

Many regulars have also aged out of surfcasting and no longer can take the kind of committment that fishing the beach requires. You are going to take way more good bass if young enough to put into practice what you spent a lifetime learning to do. Surfcasting's curse is the lost sleep and the hours when it is best practiced. To digress for a point, an old man, or woman, can do well hunting, even better than when they were young because it is not a grueling activity. Rather, it is a case of patience combined with knowledge of the game's rudiments .... in the daytime, in the daytime. Each season fishing gets harder. Each season in the woods, gets easier.
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