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Originally Posted by ragman View Post
Even though I haven't moved from the coast, just a more southern coast, I feel the same way. I haven't fished for stripers since I moved to SC (though I have thought about striper fishing in lakes which is popular down here). I used to post all the time, as I was fishing every day, and felt I had something to contribute. I fished just about every day when I was in NJ, and have surfcasted exactly once since I moved here. And that was basically to show my step son and daughter in law how to do it, as they are from the upstate and never tried it. Even though I still have the skills I had before, I guess I think people will see a post from me and say "What the hell does he know? He lives in Myrtle Beach, no stripers there!".
Having been here for awhile, I just think the site is going through one of it's cycles. People come and go, things change, yet stay the same.
RAG you've got some GREAT surf fishing in South Carolina, although they ain't up at Myrtle town; they are further South on the little islands that are accessable by boat. Big Drum too, not the babies. No crowds to worry about either. Got some surf fishin' friends that don't fish anywhere else anymore but there.
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