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One of my pastimes -- I have a rich social life, obviously -- is weather-geekiness. The world of forecasting is a fascinating place, and one that has parallels to my beloved milieu at the racetrack. In both instances, everybody has the same data: at the track, it's the Racing Form; with weather, it's the information from government-owned satellites. The difference between good and bad forecasters, and good and bad handicappers, lies in the interpretation of the data.

I mention this because I follow some weather-geek stuff, and while it's still way out there, there is a chance -- it's a slim chance, but it is a chance -- that a tropical system could hit the Middle Atlantic and/or New England in the next couple of weeks. Tropical Storm Fiona, which is churning out in the open Atlantic, is probably going to be a miss, but conditions are favorable for the formation of tropical systems -- there's already one forming in Fiona's slipstream -- and one or more of them could very well end up impacting the Eastern seaboard.

And we need it: it's dry as a bone, especially from New York City north. Since fall is usually pretty dry -- it's the driest season of the year, at least statistically, east of the Mississippi -- it's probably going to take a tropical system to relieve the drought.
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