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The thing thats starting to scare me is Mycobacteriousis, "fish handlers disease". A disease that people who handle lots of fish get and now its estimated that 50-75% of Stripes in the Chesapeake have. Scientists say that the water is warmer than usual, cloudier, has less oxygen and less bait fish. Also a huge swan population is destroying this Striper habitat. Fishing Mass early last spring I caught many diseased fish and my finger became infected. Last year an older man on the Cape actually died from this. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM !!!! This may impact our great Striper fisherie. Why is no one talking about this? I saw the "Spanish Fly" last weekend and they showed Jose fishing with a guide off of Nantucket catching stripers. Of the 4-5 fish they showed one of them was obviously infected with this disease. It had bloody sores on its eye, back, stomach and tail. The guide reached down into the water, picked it up behing the gills pried his mouth open and retreived the hook. Out of all my seaches on the intenet this is the only forum I could find that even mentioned this problem.

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