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I am by no means any kind of an expert here but want to add my 2 cents. My personal observations in the lasy 3 years = The Cod have hade a dramatic comeback in the last few years due to some good management, by whom exactly I don't know but I am sure several opposition groups claim responsibility. The Herring are rapidly being decimated as were the Bunker/Menhaden and may not recover if something substantial isn't done very quickly and I mean right away. Whose to blame? - I have no idea but I bet if all these different factions perhaps put aside their differences for once we could make some progress in this arena. The way I see arguing going back and forth all the way from these internet sites to our legislators absolutely NOTHING will ever get accomplished to favor the return of these, as of present, nearly lost species. I see tons & tons of juvenile Menhaden or Peanut Bunker all year long but no adults. It apperas to my untrained eye that they are breeding just fine and the estuaries & shallow bays are doing the job they are designed for.
I honestly don't even know what authority to listen to anymore with all this BS so I'll make my own policy like everyone else I guess.
One group blames the Comms another the Recs. One group says the Recs beach more fish then the Comms, man nobody knows SH!T!! We are all F*****D up!!!

Size matters!
Size matters!
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