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Hosszu from hungary is a target

Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu has made her first public response to allegations by Casey Barrett that she is using performance enhancing drugs, despite what he says is “no proof.” Barrett’s piece was posted on last week.
At a press conference on Monday, Hosszu read from a statement approved by her attorneys. The same statement was published on the Hungarian Swimming Association’s Facebook page both in Hungarian, and then in English. The full statement from the Facebook page, along with a video of her press conference (in Hungarian), is below.

Hosszu’s statement does not discuss a specific legal action, she closes that she “will continue to focus on swimming and my legal team will have more to say to Swimming World and Mr. Barrett at the appropriate time.”
Throughout her statement, Hosszu denies the use of any “illegal means as an explanation for (her) success.”
Casey Barrett is a 1996 Canadian Olympian. For the last year, Barrett has been writing for a documentary about the East German systematic doping at the 1976 Olympics.
-- Rob Switzer
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