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Default Re: Fishing Reports Spring 2019

Originally Posted by Joseph C. View Post
A question for fly fishing readers: I'm afraid I'm going to get all wrapped up in this pursuit.
What kind of line is reasonable for me to start out learning with? Weight forward, but floating or intermediate? I have been told that floating might be easier, and I can see myself hanging around the bay or beach and not trying too much in deeper water.
What's the difference between lines that have the same general specs and those that cost 200 or 300% more?
Tying Clousers is very rewarding. My first one is drying and not terribly ugly. Maybe I can learn to post pics, too.
A weight forward intermediate is the best all around line for the shore angler. A floater would be ok but in the surf the intermediate will stay under the water a bit more and it casts a little better in the wind.

As to lines, I never found a huge difference in the name brand lines, but always stayed away from the real cheap $30 type lines
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