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Default Re: Fishing Reports Spring 2019

I went to the beach yesterday morning to have a relaxing day of bunker chunking with my buddy. After only a couple hits in a few hours we relocated to the nearest Inlet for the top of the tide. I'd never fished there before, and nobody seemed to be doing much. My buddy turned left and walked in toward the bridges and I walked out to see what was happening at the end of the jetty. The water was still moving nicely when I got out there, and I found what looked like a perfect (safe enough and dry but close enough to cast and get fish out of the water) spot.
Apparently it was the gathering point for shoals of schoolie and sub-schoolie fish. I was using a 3/8 oz. bucktail + curly tail with a teaser and caught between 25 and 30 fish over the next hour. Lots of doubles. Only 5 of the fish were between 20 and 24", with the rest running from smaller to much smaller. I was happy. I would have had a very hard time getting any sort of large fish landed, so I'm not entirely unhappy about not hooking up to one and having my heart or a leg broken.
A guy snorkeling said he saw a good number of keeper size bass in the channel, and he speared 3 good tog, which I saw him carrying later when I walked out.
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