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Default Re: Rods and Reels from Walmart and Amazon

Nothing fake, but there are several things going on:

1. Basspro and Cabela's entice different merchandise, including their own branded equipment, to go first via sales and discounts
2. Walmart and Amazon are huge retailers and likely get special buys on certain models and
3. Really watch out for "special" models of otherwise identical looking and sounding gear. I don't have specifics but this happens with a lot of "box stores"... their volume deals include a special version of the same model of {name your item} and if you compare the product codes you'll find an extra letter or number somewhere that gives up the secret.

With Walmart, at least you can go in and look at the item and compare it, perhaps, with Basspro's.. say in our area the two stores are fairly close by (likewise for BP in MD, for example)

With Amazon, you have to know the retailer to know how reputable they are.

As always, YMMV. There are deals out there, and if it works for you, try it.

But be careful!
-- Rob Switzer
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