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Well, I guess there's no fish on the coast of RI...... Well I know from past years this is not true. Before SS.c became my home site, before NJ waters with friends I met here, I used to fish RI often, Pt. Jude area with allot of success.

Anywho, and this is just from a bystander at that ocean drive area state park, the rocky area was off limits,,,,, due to the storm????? and maybe true due to the fact that this seams like prime area, no one was fishing!!!! (if any of you home town RI'ers know if this is true or not, would like to know, my niece goes to Salve Regina out there and I will be out there again) There were signs to stay off the rocks but, I took a peak anyway then backed off.
Drove a few thousand feet further on and found a marked fishing area on the south shore of Newport. Wife was with me, high noon, have no idea of the tide, and tossed quite a bit for about an hour. The new Century Casted like a dream, but still fishless. No casters out there, no fish on the hook. By passed the fly rod and took the wife to look at the Mansions.

One thing I noticed about the RI coast around these Multi Million dollar homes, they still offer Fisherman pull offs and access. Noticed this there and Jamestown.

Oh well, at least I was in the salt again.
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