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Default Re: "The Cloud" - Hackers Heaven

Still a lot of confused information on how this happened, if you have an iPhone the solution is simple, it's called "prevention."

1: Don't be STUPID, e.g. don't take a picture you would be embarrassed for others to see, don't save embarrassing info on a smartphone and don't save anything private, important or embarrassing to any Cloud service.

2: Go into Settings, then iCloud and select the Apps you don't want backed up to Apple's iCloud, e.g. Photos. See the screenshot below.

3: Backup your iPhone via iTunes ONLY to your PC's hard disk - select "Encrypt iPhone Backup" first.

I realize that many people are technologically challenged, my wife is one, I check her iPhone settings regularly, update it for her, etc. If you have a teenager you would be wise to double-check his/her smartphone settings and Apps. Both iPhone and Androids.
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