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Default Re: My condolences to Yanks fan

A total disgrace.

My take is this, when Matsui and Shefield came back the whole chemistry was thrown for a loop.
Matsui at least hit. (4-16)

Joe Torre HAD to put these guys back in the line up.
He had no choice.
If he would have stayed with Cabrerra and Williams and they bombed, Joe would have taken the flack for NOT putting in his $$$$$ players.

Either way the Yankees looked like fools.
I am VERY dissapointed.
I really thought this team was going to win it all.

Johnson has to go, A-Rod has to go, Shefield has to go!

Too many guys looking for the seats when they should be playing basic baseball.

Now all I can hope is that the METS fall to the Cards.
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