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Default Re: Kayaks in SW Fishing??

The only time I take my PFD off is on hot days in calm water a few feet from shore. I have 2 SOTs (sit on tops). I occassionally roll them over and practice getting back in. In a SOT kayak it only takes a few seconds...and it's self bailing. Definitely check winds and tide. Last weekend while visiting our daughter I paddled about 1.25 miles one way into 15knot wind and a new moon tide. Luckily the tide wasn't in full swing yet and I slowly made it through a bridge area (narrow, faster current). It took me almost 25 minutes to go from a marina in Point Lookout and halfway up Jones Inlet (NY). It took me less than 10 minutes to get back with everything pushing me. I purposely planned every minute of that paddle. I wasn't fishing that day but purposely rode a few small waves into a shallow area...some nice rides but I also got "Maytagged" or "window shaded" a few times (whitewater kayaker' jargon for getting rolled over). I've done this before with rods but always had them tied in.
Another thing to really watch is bottom fishing while drifting in current with heavy line. If you hang up you may flip trying to break the line...have a knife REALLY close!
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