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Default Re: Striped Bass Management - ASMFC to take action

Originally Posted by Kroc View Post
I really feel whether you fish by boat or by surf the amount of time you fish and the amount of fish you catch determines the level of responsibility you have to preserve the species. A recreational boater who goes out 5 times a week and limits out, should be responsible enough to release a good portion of his catch.
Due to work, I have limited time to fish. I haven't taken a striped bass home in 2 years, and probably have kept a half dozen over the last 10 years. With that being said, I don't want someone telling me I'm killing the striper population if I keep that one 40' fish I catch once in a blue moon. Thats just my take.
I agree with this sentiment, though there is the multiple effect of so many anglers' impact on the fishery.

1 commercial can catch a thousand fish, but if 10000 recreational boats keep 1, that's 10 times the effect of the 1 commercial fisherman.

Not saying that Comms only keep a thousand or aren't putting a dent on the population, just using that example to illustrate how fisheries management has to look at the overall 'take'.

What will likely happen is nothing for next year, then strict clampdown on limits for 2015, IMO. Hopefully it's not too late to avoid a total collapse of the fishery.
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