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Thumbs down Beach replenishment

well, I haven't looked at the plan, but if you have a heartbeat in the surf, you know the AC jetties are the last in the area that are "true" productive rocks:

A controversial beach replenishment and dune building project on Absecon Island will begin soon, state officials announced.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a $63.3 million contract to the Cranford, N.J. based Weeks Marine Inc.
The work, a joint project by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps, involves building engineering beaches and dunes in Margate and Longport and replenishing beaches in Atlantic City and Ventnor.
?This project is vital to the protection of homes, businesses, lives and infrastructure in these Atlantic County communities,? NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin said in a release.
Crews are set to begin before the end of the year and finish by next October, when 3.8 million cubic yards of new sand will be throughout the engineered dune and beach system.
Atlantic City will receive a 200-foot wide berm and a dune cresting nearly 15 feet above sea level, while Ventnor, Margate, and Longport will receive a 100-foot wide berm and a dune nearly 13 feet above sea level.

Understand that in Superstorm Sandy, Atlantic City suffered NO (zero) problems other than the backbay surge. NO PROBLEMS from the ocean due to the jetties, sea wall and commercial buildings, and it's height above the ocean.

Margate suffered NO problems from the ocean.

Longport had some issues but that's due to, well, Longport being the tip of the island... even so the end of the island is on Rock jetties that were built and have sustained it.

The problem with most of these communities is the backbay flooding... virtually ZERO problems from the ocean side with a few exceptions. The existing dune projects have worked in those areas already, as identified by LOCAL planners.

This is a Christie/State boondoggle project.
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