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Default Re: 'Evil Defense' Lobby Firm Builds Fishy Client List

While I don't agree that RFA is the only organization defending recreational fishing,you have it right about the enviros seeking to change the game in commercial fishing. CCA, with many more individual members having a direct say in their organization than RFA has done as much or more for the recreational sector. Unfortunately, the two groups have seldom seen fit to work together but sit back and snipe at one another. If they worked together, it could be an awsome proponent for recreational fishermen and fishing.

I am from a Gloucester fishing family and as the Gloucester and New Bedford press have been saying; Catch Shares are driving the "independent" commercial fisherman out of business in favor of the well-healed commercial multi-boat corporations. If allowed to continue, the little guy will be gone in a few years replaced by industrial fishing corporations who will own and control the right to catch fish commercially.
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