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Default Re: 2016 really mix bag fisherman

My past few years have seen few quality fishing trips, but some highlights. My job has been increasing the demands, so work, what I call a "high maintenance" family... all good but time demanding (relatively speaking ), poor local surf fishing, and some vehicle issues, really impacted. The times I went out for flounder and tog were pretty good, got a few nice flatties including my PB at 6.5 lbs. Not a record breaker but great for me. Got a near PB tog this fall at 4+ lbs, had a few nice tog trips with lots of fish, though smaller. Weather impacted us a lot, and the boat's away now, though I may hit a head boat for offshore if there's a decent weather, and time, window.

Did a number of clamming trips on the waverunner, with a couple of flounder shots using this new vehicle, now rigged with a cooler and rod holders. Still working out the best fishing logistics but hopefully will be hitting the may / june sods next spring up in the more productive backwaters closer to where I live, rather than where the boat gets docked.

Summer flyrodding the ponds is fun, but I keep missing the (relatively) few surf opportunities down here, a lot of it though is just due to not being able to hit magic hours and dark thirty.

So, we'll be down on the east coast of FL for 2 weeks early March, where I hope to jump on some charter (thinking bottom fishing) and perhaps do some early morning fly rodding in the inlet just up the beach from where we're staying. Hope that's the kickoff for a slightly better 2017

I miss the raritan and north jersey shorelines (plus the 10 mile "commute" I had for 30 years LOL)
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