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Default Jeep Larado AWD OK for Beach Driving

Had a great Tahoe 4x4 that was superb in the sand, but just got rid of it to pick up a new 2010 Jeep Larado (3.7L 5 cyl.) with full time AWD (no low). The Tahoe was old but in good shape, and I had a deal on this one that I could not pass up.

The 2000 Tahoe had real 4wd with Lo. Drove it on Cape Cod and IBSP with no problems at all.

Jeep has Quadra-Trac I system, and I am not that familiar with it as I just picked the car up.

Will this be sufficient to use for driving on the sand, or do you need full time 4wd for this task?

Is the AWD system any better that other AWD systems in other vehicles like Honda or Toyota?

It does have nice clearance though.

Thanks for any feedback.

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