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Default Re: Jeep Larado AWD OK for Beach Driving

Originally Posted by Mad3morg5 View Post
I am a few years late to the party. I have 2011 Jeep Grand Laredo Quadra Trac I. From what I understand the way this drive train is designed, is not 2WD until slippage. From what know about this new Generation, the power is 52% in rear and 48% in front. The wheels turn all the time. There is no 4 Low. Its 4 high all he time. This mean when you are required to get rear shift diff fluid changed, you MUST change the Front too. Many experiences with this In the sand and Snow. The snow this entry level 2011 Jeep Grand Laredo is a beast in the snow. it doesn't want to get stuck. Same with snow. Air down in the sand to 15psi. Take OFF the anti-slip and shift down to 1 or 2 and you are good to go!
I own a jeep with a quadratrack as well. If you have the v6 in your cherokee you should have a look at the transfer case/ differential replacement costs. It'll make you puke!
Jon Spencer
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