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Default Re: Policy Discussion ....

Originally Posted by Francis Daignault View Post
"Not to digress too much, as I know Frank's solution is to fish only at night."

C'mon, fishing at night in the striper surf is a given. Its not my solution other than to catch more fish. Cape or RI, we all came out at sunset. Sure, you could stretch a good night well past the dawn under the right circumstances. I didn't make the night rule; its a no-brainer.

Years ago, a new young faculty member right out of college, called me a liar for saying I spent the summer fishing on the Cape. Her proof? I had no tan.
Frank and fellows...- I never read the policy thread..jumped in on the end.... sorry for the long time not posting. I missed two years of fishing the surf due to a serious head injury and then a wrist injury when I was trying to get back into some sort of shape.... thus no casting.. The night rule... I'm doing it wrong... I start at 3 - 4 am and don't get a fish until false dawn... maybe I'm just fishing the wrong tides?? I DO NOT doubt you guys just I keep trying get some fish but just before dawn and sunset seem to be my times.. Gonna try this morning again... Love lurking and reading these threads - Thanks Frank...
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