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Default Re: Movies of the Sea ...

I have no experience with the Navy or the Sea, but did get to go on what's called a "Tiger Cruise" from Virginia overnight to Earl in Leonardo, NJ, on the USS Detroit , a supply vessel, where a friend was a CPO. Nice in that I got to stay in Chief's quarters.

Anyhow, we toured the lower deck where supplies were transferred and I was given a great visual on how they do the supply chain in rolling seas with fork lifts and pallets going full speed... they shoot a giant cable over to the other ship and then do the pallet transfers.

Forget transport and battle through the seas, just seeing that is enough to realize the dangers involved.

My most disappointing memory of this is that I could never hook up with my friend to get the night pass to fish the Earl Naval Pier... amazing tog and stripers hang out on that structure!
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