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Default Re: Movies of the Sea ...

Originally Posted by RobS View Post
Has to be about the Sea, eh? Tough one.

But there are the classic war movies "at sea"

Das Boot (german with english subtitles)
Hunt for Red October and a corny "modern" movie:

and there are others.

Jaws (#1 only, no sequels)
Unbroken, which has the first third -to - half of the movie with the men stranded in the life raft.

I'm not sure any of these qualify as "nail biters", though. Frank, what's one besides Perfect Storm that comes to your mind?
Rob, I thought U-571 was a nail biter at times. I'd originally seen it in the movies in "surround sound" and the depth charge scenes felt like someone was pounding on your body. The ending was pretty hokey, but the movie was based...loosely... on 4 true events.
Das Boot was was the book. It is a compilation of the author's true U boat experiences put into one story. I love sub stuff...old or new.
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