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Default Re: March & April Fishing Reports 2017

Originally Posted by computeruser View Post
Fished RB with two other kayakers from 6.30 until until 2pm.
Our mistake was that we launched on Staten Island side and found no fish there...then paddled all the way over to Keansburg side, fished there for 2 hours and then returned to Princess bay...what a waste of time crossing the bay for hour and half each way...did not encounter and fish during our 3 hour the end it was worth it...marked a lot fish on NJ side but they were very picky...ended up catching two keepers at 32" and 29"....both on them on 6oz mojo
I must say that it was really frustrating to mark so much fish with so little to catch...I did not bother to circle around marked fish ...I would just keep going and the fish finder would be showing more of those arches...and all that in 10-15ft of water...after low tide the bite died and move elsewhere
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