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Default Re: Policy Discussion ....

Just an opinion not criticism, not venting.
The lower site activity goes hand in hand with the thread titled; "Will Surf Fishing Die?"
I'm 67, so when the name of a thread is; "tell us who taught you to fish", I can relate. "Tell us what your learned, over the years", again, it's relative to me. However, younger men/women can't & really don't care. It's not today's thought patterns. Recently I insulted some folks at a small gathering when I stated that today's young people are a lot like us, when we were their age. In fact, the only small differences were that in my era I had a baseball of football in my hand, depending on the season and today they have a cell phone in their hand. Another small difference is most young folks are obese and have interpersonal skills.
That's why, having a good site, like this, where a beginner or seasoned fisherman can learn something will perhaps die. Yes, I believe the site is getting too social, and yeah, with the exception of the true fisherman, no one give a rats tail. The example would be the May bluefish run we had at IBSP in NJ. A bunch of clowns showed up, littered the place, killed fish they never intended to keep and then left. Do you really think they come to this site for advice?
I'm not retired, I have a tax & financial planning practice, I fish as often as I can and I appreciate all the advice I have received from everyone on this site. I certainly got abundantly more advice than I ever was able to offer.
I would not change the original format of this site. I think the purpose is good, with the understanding that you have a smaller audience. If the true surf fisherman and some boaters would stay on point and ask or respond to the subject matter, i.e. what size hooks? how fast the retrieve? how to cast into the lip? etc. Frank and the other experienced folks are great sources of info. Again, you are not going to reach the age group that leaves in the third qtr. of a football game to play on their cell phone. It's laughable, and you can't make this crap up, but, a young parent came to me about some tax garbage and he was concerned about his son's lack of communication. I jokingly told him to take him fishing. I never expected him to take me serious, but, on the beach at two bit road in IBSP, I see him & his son, both with poles spiked in the sand, sitting side by side on a beach chair, looking at their cell phones. Hey Frank, any father/son advice?
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