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Originally Posted by Jon006 View Post
David you fail to realize this is a business with costs Bob has to pay, the advertisers pay the tab but they want to see "net new" ie a steady increase in unique hits to this site to justify the spend in advertising. When the "net new" dwindles advertisers pull ads and then someone has to foot the bill for this place. I am not suggesting Stripersurf needs nor wants the crowd from fiction, but Frank is right, without new bodies it would not be fiscally sound to keep running the site. This place needs more eyes on the screen!
I understand that - but as a user my concern is quality of quantity.

Want to get the word out - start linking the reports section to FB stuff - they see reports (with photos) they will come

Also, start linking with tackle shop reports - and get them to link back. i have helped build several successful fishing related web sites and it takes some effort - a hour or two each day of emailing, telephoning and linking and you can get members wayyyy up
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