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Default Re: Policy Discussion ....

Frank it is not your fault, this is a great place to visit. Look at very recent threads within the last few months some have views in the thousands, the fly fishing thread I started is over 8,000 and how old is that? When a thread topic is interesting or provocative the numbers boom. The Woolner's daughter thread, Frank and Tony Stetzko thread, look at the equipment preoccupation thread- fishermen are equipment obsessed- and they love to talk and ask about tackle. The Big River thread, hunting and shooting... I repeat- THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO VISIT. Fisherman love to talk!! We just have to get them talking again like so many times before and maybe encourage lurkers to become members more often. Those thousands of views aren't just regulars that contribute, there is another group that views but doesn't post and those are the numbers that keep things going and helps pay the bills...
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