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Default Re: Policy Discussion ....

Good question. Eventually we lose everybody -- Ox the Canal, Frenchie, Snakebit, Joe Lyons, Reynolds. Those are the ones I miss among many. Then there are the ones who disagreed once and never came back. You get everything. The smallest group are the ones we kick out; many of them came with an agenda. Only one to sell his book but he kicked me in the butt too soon. I think the Internet is evolving in a positive way which shows a natural level of interaction. Early years, and I came here in '99, this site was a social cesspool. Internet participation has improved.

But those years taught me something which still protects me today: If Joe sponsors and is a buddy of Mike and I have to kick out Mike, I watch Joe real close. I also keep notes on members I am watching in a notebook and I have to call on it less and less, which is a good sign. Its an in-progress learning experience to come here daily and the bad times have taught me a lot. I was a virgin in '99 but I don't let anybody bother me now. I have also learned a lot about surfcasting that it would take much longer to learn in the real world. One thing that has disappointed me and that is book sales. I have sold nine books since January 1.

Another source of depression that I have learned to cope with is these unknowns who never met me, like the late "Jointed", who I never was aquainted with when I was on the Cape and who wouldn't have known me if he found me under his bed. Where do these bricks come from"?

More to answer, we are getting less new guys and I am not certain why. It could be that surf fishing is in decline. Lord knows there are any number of reasons -- poor beach access, over-regulation, striper decline, lowering work ethic in a demanding activity. On the other hand, a new thread was put up and it had 50 views before I even saw it; so people lurk way more than they join and post. The last line in one of my books: "nothing stays the same."
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