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Default Re: Outdoor Art -- Surf and Otherwise

[quote=Piscator;2338694]Bill (Lagoonguy), that painting of the derelict sailboat on the exotic shore is VERY nice. You are braver than I, as I find acrylics one of the most challenging mediums to create with. Well executed. quote]

Thanks Piscator.

I started with oils in the 1960's. My mother was an amature artist and I had the good fortune to paint and surf fish with Emile and Robert Grupe of Gloucester both of whom are fine artists(oil).

When I was on the Cape, I was also fortunate to fish with Anton(Tony)Stetzko who is one of a three-way tie for the largest Striper taken in Mass, at Nauset in 1973. Tony is a professional artist and he got me interested in water colors.

I hadn't painted for a while before I got to Florida. I liked the effects of watercolor but, not the time it takes to work with washes and the drying time between them. When I got here to Florida I tried acrylics. I use them in a watercolor style; with many washes but, I only need to wait a couple hours between applications.
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