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Default Stripers over run Miramichi River, considered salmon killers, whatcha' think Frank?

Frank, just about anyone that can get to right spot can catch 100, 200 even more schoolie stripers a day in the Miramichi as we speak. There are some larger fish, but I don't think many know how to target them as the fishing for stripers has been closed for ten years up until just this spring. The salmon groups are outraged at the amount of stripers. Salmon angling groups estimates are 200,000+ bass, up from approximately 2000 spawning age bass in 2002. There have been faked pictures of gutted stripers stuffed with tracking tagged salmon smolts to draw outrage from salmon anglers and put pressure on the DFO to open the retention season, which they did, for two weeks and may be opening it again in August. There will also be C&R all season. The natives want to net the river of course and are also pressuring the DFO to do this on a larger scale than will be allowed. One native fishermen has said he can put 5 gill nets out and clean the river out of stripers. I think resident anglers of the Miramichi aren't seeing the lesson to be learned... stopped keeping salmon for a few years and let them come back. They will not stop until they have decimated their striped bass population in the name of salmon conservation, ruining 10 years of work to study, conserve and restore the population. Anyone in the US ever have issues with too many stripers?

The northern New Brunswickers can have their 100s of schoolies.... Here in southern New Brunswick, I'll still take my 20-30lb average, even if its only 2-3 a day! Come on up for some bass anytime guys!
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