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Default Re: Stripers over run Miramichi River, considered salmon killers, whatcha' think Fran

As a person who has fished for both, I have often wondered if stripers hurt the smolt salmon population. I know there have been times when great numbers of stripers in our waters occurred when we seemed to have lost salmon. But that does not make me a scientist or fishery biologist. Similarly, I have seen a lot of junk science practiced by the man on the street. The last thing we should want is a bunch of sheet-kickers telling government how to manage a fishery. And of course, as you point out, faked pictures as a means of accomplishing one's goals casts aspersions on the whole issue.

My question is has anyone ever determined the origin of this striper glut? Where do all these stripers come from? Chesepeake migrants or local spawn? What do fishery managers think regarding the preservation of Miramachi salmon? Are the stripers a cause of reduced salmon numbers? This should be a hot topic. Thanks for putting it up.
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