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Default Re: Stripers over run Miramichi River, considered salmon killers, whatcha' think Fran

They are native Miramichi strain striped bass. I'm guessing from what I've read that the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans has put a lot of effort into the revitalization of striped bass numbers and have tried not to give in to political pressure from other groups to open the fishery to reduce the population. As far as salmon preservation, nothing drastic has changed in the past few years. Salmon fishing is a big money maker in the Miramichi, but according to one newspaper article about the recent opening of the striper fishery, shops are selling more tackle than ever, restaurants are busier and more kids are fishing.

The stripers will eat a smolt if it is dumb enough to swim by a bass' lips, no doubt about it, but how many get eaten is anybody's guess. The main forage species are smelt, then alewife and american shad in that river system during the spring. The striped bass and salmon co-evolved for centuries without eating each other into extinction. Now that man only killed salmon for the last ten years and left striped bass alone, is it now an issue or maybe just perceived as an issue. In New Brunswick, the fishery managers make the regulations, then groups badger their politicians during election years to change them, often with success. Bay of Fundy striped bass are no longer protected from angling during the spring spawning season, trout limits in the North have been doubled to 10 and the spring smallmouth limit was nearly increased from 0 to 10 without consulting all angling groups impacted and only put on hold until next season. Frank, the sheet kickers seem to run our fisheries.
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