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Default Re: Stripers over run Miramichi River, considered salmon killers, whatcha' think Fran

NB, After reading your original post, I searched the internet and found nothing about the Miramichi River salmon/striper issue more recent than last year. I was surprised not to find more from ASF, the river salmon associations or your DFO about the present situation.

From the 1970s throug the 1990s, while working to support our failed restoration efforts on the Merrimack River, I did a lot of work with the biologists in the field. One of the many factors which made that river restoration a failure was the fact that the Merrimack has a big influx of Striped bass and Bluefish into the estuary every Spring. Don?t let anyone kid you; stripers and blues will feed on salmon smolts at every opportunity they are given.

It appears to me that your DFO made a very determined effort to build up the striper populations in the Miramichi and a few other rivers because they provided good fishing for many more folks than do Atlantic salmon. For many years, DFO yielded to the wishes of the Atlantic Salmon Federation and other salmon interests and disregarded other species and those that fish for them in the salmon rivers. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I hope you will keep us posted.
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