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You write it as I have too much to do. My challenge is to limit my activities. Listen, move a little closer to your monitor, as I don't want to repeat this: IF THE BOOK WERE TO CONTAIN 100 MEMBERS TO THE HALL OF FAME, IT WOULD SELL 100 COPIES.

Nifty, some people can tell by looking at them. Time was when I could do that, when I was a weighmaster. Between what the six of us weighed in and what was brought to me as a weighmaster, I used to guess the weight of a big bass within two pounds. No 45 pounder then could have ever passed my sight as a 50. But that was then and this is now. The yo-yos of yore, your fathers and uncles, largely had never seen a 40-pounder, let alone a "fifty". There is an overblown notion of the numbers of the so-called good old days.
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