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My friend Rags,
Just a note from another Pennsyltuckian --- the most sucessful striper guys at Lake Raystown are catching on live alewives that they call herring. However my boss hooked a 35 lber. on a lake trout spoon. The Raystown record is either 54 or 56 # but, of course, the locals (my home office is there), say that it holds much larger fish. I have one hell of a time identifying some of the baitfish but I do believe that the shad is the largest member of the herring family. Frank has gotten my interest stirred in breaking out my salt water fly fishing gear. I'm not sure if I will live long enough to learn how to tie and still have time to fish so I will probably buy some all the flyes I can that look like any bait I've ever seen in the NJ surf. Or, perhaps it would be smarter if I bought my buddy Hippie a fly vise and equipment for his birthday. Won't be long now Rags. I'm sorry i will miss Frank at the Bash but it is my mandatory get the Hatteras cottage ready week.

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