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sjchangs2000..You moved to Long Beach is a good choice for a surf fisherman. I live east so I fish just a little further east. The water by the jetties is not as deep as it once was. But you can still catch big bass. My friend nailed four 25 pounders there one evening at low tide last June. He was standing by a jetty not on it. The jetties have always been tough to climb. I beleive you can do just as well casting from the beach. You will have too scout it out, check all of them at low tide for water depth. The best part about Long Beach is nobody fishes there after dark.

All the jetties that are flat and easy to climb are from Troy west. There must be 40 in total on Long Beach island. There is also good access just east of you at nassau beach and point lookout. A lot of bait and plug fishing goes on there all season long. These are county parks and the people there will give you information on access and parking,there may be a small parking seasonal charge for nassau beach after dark. I know there's none for point lookout. One last thing the weed from Jones inlet moves from east too west,if you have any you can move west too get away from it.

West end tackle in Long would be a place to start for information.
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