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Frank mentioned heartbreakers. If your at this game long enough you will have a few. I'll start with one back in 1955. I was in the coastguard stationed in San Juan P.R. I only mention this to set the scene. Down there I was fishing for and catching jacks from 20 to fifty pounds and tarpon to fifty and losing the really big ones. All this was done from the shore in San Juan harbour. In other words I was in good shape to go on a 30 day leave and fish for striper,s...This was September and the start of the mullet run. My first night I went to Long Beach long island with my good friend Paul. We started to fish the jetty,s from Troy ave.east with rigged eel,s. We hit a couple of bass in the teen,s to 27 pounds. I went to the Ohio jetty and Paul to Minnesota. The conditions were ideal no heave the wind light southwest,tide dropping and a nice chop on the water this was after dark about 9PM. I was casting a large eel about 18 inches long. I got the hit on my third cast about 30 feet from the stone,s.the fish just kept running against a 4 washer drag in my Penn squider.I had 200 yards of new 36 lb.test ashway nylon line. As the reel started to empty and got close to the end of the spool I grabbed it and my 40 pound test leader broke on the far end....I reeled in all that line and was completely rattled.There weren't any scraping,s on the 10 foot leader that would indcate a shark had it across his back... chapter 2 next this story gets better..
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