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Default Re: surf fishing Nantucket in Oct.

Originally Posted by CharlesT View Post
I'm headed over to nantucket last week in June. Annual week with the family ... two grown sons who fish with me and make sure the old man doesn't disappear in the night.
Used to fish Nantucket in late September but now we shoot for June. We fish nights now since daylight bass are mostly a story someone else tells or they are boat bass. Beach access exists all around the island except in a few places... so bummed that Great Point is occupied by seals and is just an old story that old men tell about. Also bummed out that you can't get down to the rip at Surfside without a long walk. But we know about long walks. With two arthritic hips long walks are now also old stories. I booked what I could get for the house we wanted and we are messed up for tides. I like the south shore ocean in June with a midnight tide. same for North side at Eel Point. High tide after sunrise has not worked for me. Guess we go figure what to fish around low tide. Inner harbor calling.

I'm open to talking about spots on nantucket because spot burning here really won't draw a crowd. LOL. I may regret that. Anyone want to talk about where they fish?

For the amount of time I've spent at each I'd say I've done much better on East Beach on Chappaquidick than anywhere on Nantucket. But Nantucket is where we started in 1972 and where we return to try to catch those elusive linesiders.
I'm a Chicagoan but I've been fishing Nantucket a week or two every year or so for the past 40 years. My family is there now and, per usual, Great Point is closed due to seals. The beach is also closed beyond the first mile marker due to the plovers which is a bummer. I can tell you that the best fishing we've ever enjoyed was fishing the rip at Great Point in the evening with the tide coming in. But, alas, you can't near it now. We've also had great luck fishing the harbor side at the Haul Over.

I've fished every inch of the island and have always had the best luck on the north shore but according to Bill Fisher, the fishing is really strong on the south shore (Tom Nevers, Madequecham, Low Beach, etc.). My family is there now and have been catching stray schoolie bass and blues but haven't stumbled upon any frenzies yet or caught anything of size.

Eel Point and Smith Point are kind of a pain to get to for us since we stay in Tom Nevers. Smith Point is frustrating because it just looks so damn good but we've seldom had much success there.

One of the best days we ever had was at Dionis Beach. We were there to picnic but I threw a couple of rods on the truck for the hell of it. If you know that beach, it's basically a huge sandbar that stretches out about 50 - 100 yards depending on the tide and it's mostly just families. I was bored so I waded out to the edge of the sandbar and pulled probably a dozen 10-12 lb. blues and keeper bass in broad daylight. No birds or anything to suggest there were fish.
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