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Default Re: 1/28 NJ P-boat report & thanks Gotog & company

OE, Ocean Eagle out of Sheepshead Bay, NY.

There were a decent number of blackfish caught. Overall a slow day as there were easily 50 fares onboard. If we had half that amount we could have stayed on the first drop, built up the life, and ended up with more fish. 60 fish for 60 guys sounds bad, but 60 for 30 guys sounds almost good

They were biting very weird and with no consistancy. The bite wasn't completely shut-down but it was difficult. Mainly fished 120' of water or more. Also, we fished crabs all day as we strictly targeted tog, no clams onboard. A couple ling did come up and a stray dogfish or two on crabs.

The orange bellied ling I always heard referred as a "resident" so I've heard the same rumors as you. Not sure how true that is or not though
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