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Default Re: two handed overhead fly rods

I think the first thing you have to decide is what kind of line you want. Because you have a short spey rod I feel you have to go with a shorter head line, either a Skagit or
a Scandi. Because you are fishing in winds, and because you'll probably fish heavy flies I'd go with a Skagit. This will also allow you to retrieve the most line after the cast. (With long-head lines you don't retrieve at all or very little.)

(I like a shooting head system. That way I can use one reel/spool for different lines, which in the long run saves me a lot of money.)

With a Skagit line you might need a "Cheater" depending on the length of your rod. I'd also go with a spey leader like a Rio Versitip.

Any of the top line companies make good lines. You can call Rio and speak to a rep and get some good advice.

Also, you can get some good advice here:

Randy Kadish
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