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Default Re: Outdoor Art -- Surf and Otherwise

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault View Post
Maybe some of us have been fishing so long that we've been elevated in some way. But so often when I go into a tackle shop, I'm bewildered by the total lack of understanding by clerks or employees of fishing basics. Sure, they swagger, which is an outcome of being behind a counter, but they don't know fishing and really shouldn't be there if management is to have any hope for survival. Retailing is weak because of it.
Frank, you're almost 100% correct, but you've got to remember that comparing your knowledge with the knowledge of the average retailer is like comparing the mind of Steven Hawkins to my Mule brain, there just ain't no comparison. What is basic to you is big time stuff to the beginner or even the retailer. Just be glad they don't all know what you know. That way there'll be a few fish left to catch. Thank goodness you're not a drum fisherman, at least where I fish.

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