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Default Re: Outdoor Art -- Surf and Otherwise

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault View Post
Maybe some of us have been fishing so long that we've been elevated in some way. But so often when I go into a tackle shop, I'm bewildered by the total lack of understanding by clerks or employees of fishing basics. Sure, they swagger, which is an outcome of being behind a counter, but they don't know fishing and really shouldn't be there if management is to have any hope for survival. Retailing is weak because of it.
I once had a tackle shop in Orleans tell me not go to to Nauset because the water was too warm, but instead go to Race Point. It must have been a contest to get as much junk science into one sentence as possible. (For those that don't know, Nauset never gets above 65 degrees and RP is probably 10 degrees warmer than Nauset on the outgoing tide...)
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