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Default Re: Outdoor Art -- Surf and Otherwise

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault View Post
Thanks, Mule, that is what I call a brother-in-law response. But I know a few, very few, shops where the guys who work there are very savvy -- Rivers End in Connecticut for one.

More to the thread's subject, a person who engages in outdoor art has to understand the rudiments of the craft being rendered to canvass. Ever see paintings of red lobsters on the bottom of the ocean? The wind bending the grass of a duck marsh and the ducks coming to land with the wind behind them? Those are artists who can paint pretty pictures but know nothing of what they are depicting.
Frank, I guess this would qualify as bss ackwards art, but I like the pictures in the sports catalogues with the tough guy in waders holding a rod with the spinning reel turned upside down, and the camouflaged hunter aiming at a deer with a long bow strung backwards.

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